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Client Impact

We can act as an independent arbitrator for internal production conflicts - not uncommon where one department is blaming the other. We accomplish this by our circle of communication. It emphasizes the reliance of good communication between the various groups involved in manufacturing. A defect in the field means an irate or dissatisfied customer who doesn't care whose department is at fault.

Many of our problem solving tasks involve multinational operations where we have found defects stemming from a "lost in the translation" situation. The parent company is equating the process to their home operation when in fact the off shore site even though with similar equipment and materials is operating a different process through subtle changes that go undetected.

Defect analysis can only truly be resolved by an on site visit and observing the entire manufacturing environment. An example is cracked smt solder joints. On paper the process was perfect with documentation and measurements to support it. The root cause was a de paneling operation where the blades on the de panelizer were dull so the operator was snapping the board over the edge of a table and thus cracking the solder connections.

A defect analysis for a major automotive firm resulted in a temperature profile that had been developed in Japan on a reflow oven that was run empty. On site measurements indicated that with production loads the oven was incapable of maintaing thermal loading. The bare board running through the oven versus a production load indicated a 35 degree drop in temperature. The paste that reflowed on a single board was not reflowed in the production mode. The solder connection was made and therefore passed in circuit test BUT because the solder had not fully reflowed, there was no mechanical integrity to the joint. Potential field failures were in the hundreds of thousands of engine control modules.

Examples such as those above run in the hundreds and illustrate why we can become an independent set of eyes and ears for your manufacturing environment.

Whether the job is around the corner in downtown Dallas or across the world in China, the process is and always will remain the process.